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Making Knox County the Most Pet Friendly Community!

The Boyd Foundation is giving away 10 dog park grants,

worth $50,000 each, to 10 neighborhoods in Knox County

through Knox Neighborhood Dog Parks (KNDP)

The Knox Neighborhood Dog Parks Plan

Through KNDP, The Boyd Foundation will give 10 dog park grants (5 city and 5 county), totaling $500,000, to neighborhoods in Knox County. With the addition of the 10 dog parks, Knox County would be #1 in dog parks per capita in the nation. KNDP is the Boyd's commitment to enhancing their hometown, Knoxville

10 Neighborhood Winners

$500,000 in Grants

#1 Most Pet Friendly Community

About KNDP

What is The Boyd Foundation?

Randy and Jenny Boyd established The Boyd Foundation in 2018 to support animal welfare and youth education in Tennessee. Randy Boyd is the President of the University of Tennessee, founder of PetSafe® and former commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. Jenny Boyd is a Knoxville business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about animal welfare. 

In addition to Knox Neighborhood Dog Parks, The Boyd Foundation's Dog Park Dash has awarded 67 grants to communities all across Tennessee since 2018 and will be awarding another 33 in 2021, totaling $3 million in grants statewide.

Why Dogs

Why Dog Parks?

71% of households own at least one pet

Dog parks are a hub for socialization for pets and their owners

Walkability is the biggest factor in dog park usage

Dog parks are a key quality of life component for many relocating



Knox County and The City of Knoxville had an outpour of support for dog parks. We received over 1000 pieces of engagement and every zip code had at least one nomination! Here are the winning communities/neighborhoods:


Fountain City

Fourth and Gill


Holston Hills


New Harvest Park



South Knoxville


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